The Complete List of PCT Resupply Points has painstakingly researched 101 resupply points along the Pacific Crest Trail in an attempt to create one complete collection of all PCT resupply points. As far as we know, no other online resource has anywhere near this many resupply points available to learn about. We hope this abundant resource helps you as you plan an awesome adventure on the PCT.

The numbers before the resupply point are read as follows. The four digit number before the “+” indicates how far from Mexico (in trail miles) you'll have to walk before you get there. The two digit number after the “+” indicates how far off the trail you must hike to get to the resupply point. For example, if you see “1198+02 Sierra City PO”, that means that the Sierra City Post Office is a 1198 mile walk from Mexico and a 2 mile walk off the PCT. Click the link to see more information.

The resupply points marked with a "*" are the ones we recommend most. We welcome updates/corrections and will always try to update this page as soon as we get new info. That being said, always call your resupply points and make sure that this info is accurate before you send any packages. This is particularly important because of the recent budget cuts to the post offices. Make sure, when you call the post office, that your package is going to be held at the post office nearest to the PCT. If you find any info that needs to be updated, please email us and let us know ASAP. Thank you!

--------------------------- Southern California ----------------------------
0000+00 *Campo PO
0043+00 Mount Laguna PO
0043+00 *Mount Laguna Lodge
0077+04 Julian PO
0110+01 *Warner Springs PO
0152+01 Paradise Valley Cafe
0152+07 Anza PO
0179+05 *Idyllwild PO
0179+05 Idyllwild Inn
0179+05 The Tahquitz Inn
0210+05 Cabazon PO
0265+05 Big Bear City PO
0265+06 Big Bear Lake PO
0265+06 *Big Bear Hostel
0265+06 Equada Outfitters
0266+06 Cienaga Creek Ranch
0342+01 Best Western
0364+05 *Wrightwood PO
0444+06 Acton PO
0444+00 Acton KOA
0519+00 Hikertown Hostel
0558+10 *Tehachapi PO
0558+11 Mojave PO
0652+18 Onyx PO
0652+36 Lake Isabella PO
0703+01 *Kennedy Meadows General Store
0745+24 Lone Pine PO
0790+24 Independence PO
0790+24 The Courthouse Motel
0856+02 *Muir Trail Ranch
0831+37 Bishop PO
---------------------------- Central California -----------------------------
0877+05 *Vermillion Valley Resort
0903+01 *Red's Meadow Resort
0903+08 Mammoth Lakes PO
0942+01 *Tuolumne Meadows PO
0942+57 Lee Vining PO
1018+00 *Sonora Pass Resupply
1018+10 Kennedy Meadows Resort & Pack Station
1018+32 Bridgeport PO
1079+15 Markleeville PO
1093+10 South Lake Tahoe PO
1127+12 Tahoe City PO
1156+03 *Soda Springs PO
1159+07 Lost Trail Lodge
1159+08 Truckee PO
---------------------------- Northern California ---------------------------
1198+01 *Red Moose Inn
1198+02 Sierra City PO
1198+02 Sierra City Country Store
1220+12 Graeagle
1270+12 Quincy PO
1289+01 *Little Haven
1289+28 Quincy PO
1334+08 Chester PO
1353+00 Drakesbad Guest Ranch
1378+00 *Old Station PO
1378+00 Old Station Fill Up
1407+00 Burney Mountain Guest Ranch
1416+07 Burney PO
1424+00 *Burney Falls Camp Services
1506+02 Castella PO
1506+02 *Ammarati's Market
1507+05 Dunsmuir PO
1507+12 Mount Shasta PO
1606+10 Etna PO
1606+10 Hiker's Hut
1662+00 *Seiad Valley PO
------------------------------------ Oregon -----------------------------------
1727+00 *Callahan's Lodge
1727+13 Ashland PO
1727+13 Ashland Hostel
1745+02 Green Springs Inn
1750+01 *Hyatt Lake Resort
1780+01 Fish Lake Resort
1781+06 Lake of the Woods Resort
1830+01 *Mazama Village Store
1830+05 Crater Lake National Park PO
1853+10 Diamond Lake PO
1853+10 Diamond Lake Resort
1912+01 *Shelter Cove Resort
1912+07 Odell Lake Resort
1958+01 *Elk Lake Resort
1990+18 Sisters PO
1990+18 Sisters Inn
1990+40 Bend PO
1990+40 REI
2002+02 *Big Lake Youth Camp
2054+00 *Olallie Lake Resort
2102+06 Government Camp PO
2107+00 *Timberline Lodge
2155+00 Cascade Locks PO
2155+00 Port Marine RV Park
2155+00 *Cascade Locks Ale House
-------------------------------- Washington ---------------------------------
2234+13 Trout Lake PO
2303+01 *White Pass Kracker Barrel Store
2303+21 Packwood PO
2402+00 Snoqualmie Pass PO
2402+00 *Snoqualmie Summit Inn
2476+15 Skykomish PO
2574+11 *Stehekin PO
------------------------------ British Columbia -----------------------------
2663+00 *Manning Park Resort
2663+NA Winona and Peter Rowat
Addresses and mailing requirements may change, businesses may close or change management, and some places may stop accepting resupply packages altogether. We can't guarantee that this information is accurate, so be sure to contact every resupply point you plan to use on your hike before you send anything.